We create precision medicines that free normal immunity to defeat cancer using proprietary platforms that uncover novel immuno-oncology mechanisms.

Why hasn’t cancer immunotherapy reached its full potential?

There is untapped biology to discover how to simply free the immune system to work normally against cancer.

What’s Unknown

There are hidden mechanisms of immune disruption within the complex interactions between human cancer and the immune system.


What’s Revealed


We are using a discovery engine that uncovers these points of immune disruption as targets for a new class of immune normalizers to cure cancer.

We are freeing the potential for Normunity.

We are a fusion of inspired minds

making the next advance in I-O drug discovery.

Our innovation engine is built on an immersive academic-biotech partnership between the Lieping Chen lab at the Yale School of Medicine and Normunity, across two areas:


Platforms from the ongoing partnership with the Chen lab reveal previously unknown insights and mechanisms for how normal immune response is disrupted in cancer.

 Our Science

Drug Discovery

Drug discovery at Normunity targets these novel mechanisms with a new class of cancer immunotherapies, called immune normalizers, that free the most powerful force against cancer: the normal immune system.

Drug Discovery

 Our Pipeline

Our sights are set on new medicines to

help More patients

because we know that not enough cancer patients respond to today’s immunotherapies.


Your next career move is in plain sight.

Activate your hidden potential and join the Normunity team.

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