From our productive platforms, we are building a deep pipeline of immune normalizers designed to restore the immune system’s intrinsic activity to identify and eliminate cancer cells. Our immunotherapies will be precision cancer medicines developed with companion diagnostics for treating cancer as monotherapy and in combinations.

Our lead program is a monoclonal antibody targeting a secreted enzyme that is highly upregulated in multiple human cancers and drives the exclusion of T-cell infiltration in immuno-sensitive tumors. Results from our preclinical studies demonstrate an increase in T-cell infiltration with efficacy in monotherapy and combination in multiple animal models of cancer.

We are also advancing additional immune normalizer programs that target other mechanisms of immune cell exclusion and other mechanisms outside the tumor microenvironment that attenuate immune function. Each of our immune normalizers targets a novel mechanism that removes cancer’s restraints on normal immune cell function, thereby freeing immune cells to recognize and eliminate cancer.

At Normunity, we are bringing our collective experience and passion to develop a new class of immune normalizers that bring the power of immunotherapies to more cancer patients.

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