At Normunity, you can bring your full self to a company that has a far-reaching mindset and cares about

trailblazing science
impacting patients.

For us, science and patients are inextricably linked. As a science-driven team, we are identifying novel mechanisms in the complex biology of cancer and the immune system to discover new treatments, and even cures, for patients. This embodies our mission to uncover the path to normunity.

Be your full self.
Be part of Normunity.

What defines

We are defining a whole new approach to cancer immunotherapies, called normunity. At the same time, we are also defining a new kind of biotech company based on how we work.

The power and simplicity of freedom

Scientifically, we are discovering medicines that will free the normal immune system to cure cancer – the most simple and powerful path to treat disease. Culturally, we are building and inspiring a team that has the freedom to explore their full potential, which we believe is the ideal path to fulfill each of us and our collective goal.

Collaboration to the nth degree

We believe that our biotech/academic collaboration is one of a kind, based on our immersive and ongoing collaboration with the Chen lab at Yale Medical School. This unique partnership enables Normunity’s R&D team to engage in scientific exchange that offers cutting-edge drug discovery opportunities that are second to none and can deliver a continuous supply of ground-breaking therapies to cancer patients.

Motivate the amazing

We know what amazing looks like because we can see it in the people on our team and feel it in the thriving collaborative culture we are building every day. And we don’t take these amazing individuals and surroundings for granted. We respect and empower everyone on our team and continuously motivate each team member to new levels of amazing. After all, the most amazing output is creating new medicines for patients.

The bold values that we live by every day
are engrained in our culture and are as important in our work with each other as they are with our partners.


seeking new ideas, practicing agility, innovating for patients


trusting each other, fostering kindness, empowering everyone to do their best work


operating with honesty & transparency; doing the right thing, even when it’s difficult


building together, supporting & listening to each other, having fun

Motivate your ‘amazing’ and join the normunity team.

We welcome your interest in careers at Normunity.

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